You may be paying a ‘loyalty tax’ at work. Here’s why

Accounting is an accrual profession, where everyone works their assets off, and everybody count.

You may be paying a ‘loyalty tax’ at work. Here’s why

Workers are paying a “loyalty tax” by sticking with their employers at a time when labour shortages are forcing companies to offer higher salaries to attract new staff.

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Finalists revealed for Women in Finance Awards 2022

Almost 250 women from across the financial services industry are set to battle it out at the Women in Finance Awards this year.

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Sydney accountant sentenced to six years’ jail

The ATO said that he also tried to conceal his wrongdoing by creating a fictitious notice of assessment in an attempt to mislead clients, and was only found out when colleagues from his firm detected the abnormal transactions and notified the ATO and the TPB.

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Future-proofing a career through AI fluency

Just as accountants need soft skills, analytical thinking and financial expertise, they should also consider developing their understanding and use of artificial intelligence.

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