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Accountants rage against fee ‘blackmail’

What to consider before joining a board or committee Joining a committee or a board can be a way to expand professional experience, network with key contacts and add some serious influence on a resume. While joining can be a great career opportunity, it’s also a serious commitment with inherent … Read more.

Finding graduates, business insurance & cyber safety

It’s hard to believe it’s August already!  The year is just flying by, and I’m sure we’re all particularly busy this time of year. Take 5 minutes to catch up on some recent accounting news. Here’s why finding a graduate is about to get even harder Companies seeking graduates head … Read more.

What accountants need to know about negotiating

Each week I spend hours reading and researching the latest news and articles from the Australian Accounting industry. I’ve hand pick the best to save you time and start your Monday the right way. Can accountants break the 9-to-5 office habit?If there’s a bastion of traditionalism in the workplace, you’re most … Read more.