Finding graduates, business insurance & cyber safety

It’s hard to believe it’s August already!  The year is just flying by, and I’m sure we’re all particularly busy this time of year. Take 5 minutes to catch up on some recent accounting news.

Here’s why finding a graduate is about to get even harder

Companies seeking graduates head into 2023 facing some of the toughest ever hiring conditions as student jobseekers demand higher salaries, better perks and more personalised career development programs.

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Faster payment times and stronger jobs growth help small business Index reach record high

Australian small businesses are showing resilience in the face of economic chaos according to the latest Xero Small Business Index.

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Why you shouldn’t just set and forget (Insurence)

While in one sense insurance is designed to help protect you from the unexpected, you are only protected if your policy ‘expects’ the claim being made against it. In other words, insurance should evolve with your business. For accounting businesses, this principle comes into play more often than you might think.

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Baseline cyber security checklist

To support CA ANZ have developed a cyber security hub and playbook which includes practical tools and mitigation strategies to help them prevent, prepare and recover from cyber-attacks. 

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Mobile-friendly .au direct domain open for business

The new .au direct domain can create immense value for Australian businesses. Existing businesses have a priority window ending on 20 September to get their matching .au direct domain before registrations open to the public. 

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