How disciplinary bodies work

MYOB buys fintech Flare, moving on after ‘semi-ignorant’ reaction to ANZ talks

Accounting software firm MYOB has beefed up its offerings by acquiring Flare, a Sydney-based fintech backed by investors such as former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, for an undisclosed sum.

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Accounting firms look offshore to save 25-50pc on salaries

Accounting firms are saving as much as $47,000 per employee by using offshore labour that is 25 to 50 per cent cheaper than in Australia, which in turn allows them to pay local staff more in a bid to retain talent.

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Is it time for payroll tax reform?

Payroll tax is a significant source of revenue for Australia’s state and territory governments but its ongoing existence after more than 80 years is under increasing scrutiny, with persistent calls for reform.

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How disciplinary bodies work

Accountants have ethical and professional standards, but when a dispute arises independent disciplinary bodies are called upon to make decisions. What are these bodies and how do they operate?

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From the Accountants Chat Australia Group

My accounting tech update.

Unfortunately, it has been a busy week at work + personal life so I have done very little work on my accounting tech side project. I have managed to do a bit of design work, but for me, the actual coding requires deep focus which has just not happened. I did read this great blog post that is which is a good reminder of how much you can achieve with a little bit of consistency – How to change your life in one year. 

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Ryan David

Accountants Chat Australia group.

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